Tournament Bocce Set

Tournament Bocce Set

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Bocce can be played any where - any time. You need no special setup for a friendly game. This set from St. Pierre Manufacturing is made in the USA using Partek composition resin. Roundness and balance are tightly controlled to guarantee they comply with International Bocce specifications for tournament play.

These balls measure 107 mm, making them ideal for adults. The bright yellow pallina (target ball) or jack ball measures 57 mm, making it easy to spot even in longer grass. The balls are green and red for the two teams and within each color are clearly defined striping patterns on the balls when playing doubles matches. Just zip-and-go with the convenient nylon tote bag.


  • 4 dark green bocce balls 107mm
  • 4 red bocce balls 107mm
  • 1 yellow pallina (jack ball) 57mm
  • official rulebook with court layout instructions
  • nylon carry bag
  • 12 month manufacturer's warranty