About Us

Oakley Woods Croquet is a family owned and operated business, located in Brighton, Ontario and founded by Don Oakley. With over twenty years of custom woodworking experience, our shop was kept busy making a variety of fine wood products, from small turned items to solid oak staircases and cabinets.

In 1992, we were asked to replace some very tired backyard mallets. We discovered a local need for making high quality croquet mallets. This lead to more mallets, followed by request for other croquet-related items. Soon we found ourselves providing balls, hoops, deadness boards, clips and a whole range of products.

Don became highly engaged in the sport at all levels, from playing 'backyard' croquet to competing at the national level in Canada and USA. He also felt compelled to give back his time to the sport by serving on the boards of both Croquet Canada and the US Croquet Associaiton. His exposure to players has provided two valuable resources for product development, experience and need.

From their experience in the game, players know best what they want in a croquet mallet and ours have evolved from that input. When the need is great enough, we add a product to our catalog that had at one time been a custom order. New products are always being suggested. A visit to our shop will inevitably find prototypes in varying stages of development. The world of croquet has become a fascinating venture for our craftsmen and each day brings something new.

Innovation in Croquet Equipment

Each year new products are developed and added to our catalog. Our goal is to provide complete outfitting to clubs as well as sport, and recreational croquet players. Many of the products seen here (for example, the never-paint-again center stake) were inspired by players looking for something that wasn't (and still isn't) available anywhere else.

Along with Oakley Woods products, you will find the world leaders in croquet balls, Dawson & Sunshiny. For recreational players, we are sporting American-made croquet sets from North Meadow Croquet.

Custom Croquet Mallets and Equipment

Custom mallets, deadness boards of any size, virtually anything are made to order right in our shop. Specialty items are fabricated in a variety of woods, plastics and metals. We love the challenge of unique and special requests. If you don't see what you want, call or e-mail your ideas.

Oakley Woods Croquet Guarantee
The products we make as well as those that we offer from other manufacturers represent the finest quality. We stand behind everything we sell. If you have any problems with your purchase, Oakley Woods Croquet guarantees to make it right. We are also interested in hearing about any way you feel we might improve upon something you have received from us. Through continuous feedback, our products and those we bring in are subject to continuous improvement cycles.