Lawnbowls Croquet Set - 8 Player

Lawnbowls Croquet Set - 8 Player

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This is a CROQUET SET designed for use on multi-purpose lawns where croquet shares the grass with other sports, like lawn bowling or tennis. Included in the set are Brighton mallets, Sunshiny CQ-16 balls, 6 Foxy hoops, winning peg, ball marking clips, corner flags, boundary line, USCA rulebook, instructions, and an optional deadness board, all shipped in a wood equipment case.

 The CQ-16 balls are 'tournament approved' by the World Croquet Federation to meet the precise requirements sanctioned tournaments. The specifications required to this test include 16 oz weight, 3-5/8" diameter and double milled surface. You have a choice of solid primary colors, striped primary colors and secondary colors.

The Foxy hoop features a 10" long spike to keep this regulation hoop stable in the ground. The regulation upper section offers a 3-3/4" opening with 5/8" solid steel stanchions. The Foxy hoop was specifically designed for multi-use lawns. They leave an almost imperceptible hole when removed. Each set of 6 includes one hoop with a red crown and one with a blue crown.

Also included is a winning peg made from a solid white high density synthetic rod. The brilliant first colors are on our vinyl winning peg decal. It features a removable black clip extension . The foxy style base has been extended to 10" for more secure footing. Like the hoops, its base leaves an imperceptible hole behind. Meeting regulation standards, it measures 1-1/2" diameter X 18" tall.

The corner flags made from the finest fade-resistant nylon bunting ensure the most durable court markers available. The flag pivots freely atop the staff thanks to its unique & simple design. The white fiberglass flag staffs never rust & have a screw-on ball top for easy flag replacment. The 400’ spool of boundary line is the finest white braided nylon cord, resisting moisture and the sun’s UV rays. Clips are paired to a ball of the same color. It is clipped to the next hoop (or stake) that ball is shooting for. This allows all players to keep track of their targets as well as those of their opponents'.

NOTE: There are always (& only) 4 balls in regulation games. Our tournament level sets are available in 4 player & 8 player versions. The 2nd set of 4 balls allows for a second game to be played on the same court. These can be either striped primary colors or solid secondary colors. 


  • 8 Brighton II mallets with ash shafts & tough polyethylene mallet heads
  • 8 CQ-16 'Association approved' balls 3-5/8" diameter & 16 ounce
  • 6 Powder coated Foxy wickets
  • Synthetic center peg
  • 4 Association corner flags
  • 4 ball marking clips
  • 400' of nylon boundary line
  • Official USCA rulebook
  • Rules & instructions
  • Wood equipment case


  • Mallet heights 32", 34", 36" & 38"
  • Brighton round mallets
  • Cushion grips (your choice of colors)
  • Aluminum or carbon fiber handles
  • Optional ball colors
  • Deadness board