Gryphon Mallet head
Gryphon Mallet
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Gryphon Mallet head

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Replacement Gryphon head (no handle)

The Gryphon mallet blends carbon fiber, brass and Black Walnut for power, precision and performance. 

American Black Walnut was selected for the head, prized for its dark beautiful grain. It's also ideal for croquet mallets. It is strong and light weight - perfect for optimizing peripheral weighting in wood heads. The wood’s natural beauty is enhanced with a unique inlaid sightline

The brass faces have been precision milled to create the exact weight for the mallet. The resulting peripheral weighting puts most of the head's mass furthest from the shaft's centerline. The effect reduces twist during the mallet swing - the reason for most miss-hits. The stainless steel faces are then covered with a tough carbon fiber plate.

The mallet head measures 2-1/4” by 2-1/4” (57mm). Lengths are available in 10”, 11” & 12”.


  • American black walnut head with large square face
  • Brass end faces for peripheral weighting
  • Carbon fiber faces


  • Head lengths of 10", 11" or 12"
  • Personalized with laser engraving

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 Padded cover

Unlined cover

Neoprene Head Wrap