Oakley Woods Croquet Sport mallet
Sport Mallet
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Sport Mallet

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The Sport mallet is comprised of an ash (wood) shaft and head with a color keyed sightline (your choice of blue, red, black, yellow, green or orange). The solid ash head provides the traditional recreational player with a professional looking mallet with great performance. As with all of our mallets, it features our unique "Taper-lock" system that secures the head to the shaft with a tapered shaft end drawn tightly into the head with a special machine screw.

This lightweight mallet is ideal for recreational play. Approx. 2 lb - 8 oz. Your mallet head can personalized with a name, initials, logo or other graphic lasered-engraved to the side of the head.


  • Solid ash head 2-3/8” X 2-3/4” X 9"
  • Color coordinated sightline with each head matched to each ball color
  • Solid ash handles 


  • Mallet heights 32", 34”, 36” & 38"
  • 6 different sight line colors (matching ball colors)
  • Cushion grips 
  • Aluminum or carbon fiber (heights to 42")
  • Laser engraving for a personal touch