Grange mallet by Oakley Woods Croquet
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Grange Mallet

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The Grange mallet is our finest recreational mallet, featuring a solid ash head, inlaid with a walnut sightline. You have a choice between round or square heads. Round heads are favoured by those who swing the mallet across the front of their feet, while a square head works best, if you swing the mallet between your feet. The solid ash shaft, standard on this mallet, provides a traditional feel to your game The Grange mallet is ideal for recreational play, weighing approx. 2 lb - 10 oz.

Our exclusive Taperlock fastening system allows for complete inter-changeability between shafts & heads. That means you decide on what shaft you would like to fit to this mallet head. Along with an easily removable head, the system will also let you rotate the shaft to any angle, relative to the head, ensuring the most comfortable swing.

LASER ENGRAVING can make this mallet truly yours. Add your name, design your own graphics, club logo . . . anything you can imagine. Round heads are limited to text only.


  • Solid ash head 2-3/8” X 2-3/4” X 9"
  • Walnut inlaid sightline
  • Your choice of round or square heads
  • Custom heights up to 38" are available on request


  • Mallet heights - 32", 34”, 36” & 38"
  • Aluminum or carbon fiber handles (heights to 42")
  • Laser engraving for a personal touch