Winning Peg

Winning Peg

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Some things just make perfect sense. Toss out that old rotting wood stake and never think of painting it again.

Our winning peg is made from a solid white synthetic rod. The brilliant first colors are applied by way of a vinyl winning peg decal. This sign-maker's vinyl is fade resistant but when the time comes to freshen up the colors, it is a simple peel & stick decal. No more messy masking & painting.

The base is a 3/8" pin that extends 10" into the ground for a secure footing that is easy to install and leaves an imperceptible hole behind. The regulation size is 1-1/2" diameter X 18" tall. It also features a removable black clip extension. 

  • Synthetic stake that never rots
  • Fade-resistant colors on replaceable decal
  • 10" ground spike for easy insertion
  • Regulation size
  • Primary colors
  • Secondary colors available on request

Note: Replacement decals are also available.