Replacement Handle - Graphite (Carbon Fiber)

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Need a replacement mallet handle for an Oakley Woods Croquet mallet? All 3 types are available. Here you will find the graphite (also known as carbon fiber) replacement handles. If you're looking for ash or aluminum handles, they can be found in the mallet section of our online store. All of our mallet handles feature our exclusive Taper-Lock fitting that makes every handle we've ever made, fully interchangeable with every head.

Graphite shafts have an ultra lightweight carbon fiber tube extending the entire length of the handle. This is over-laid with a firm, but comfortable foam grip, machined into the traditional octagonal shape preferred by most croquet players. The 'modified' octagon that provides a firmer hold on the mallet. The bottom 6" has a distinct color option of blue, red or green. There are also two color bands that serve as reminders of rotation sequence (blue, red, black & yellow).

There are two options for flex in the handles - Rigid and Midflex (see the tab on 'Help me select'). You also have the choice of optional finger grips machined into the foam overlay or with a Hi-Tac rubber over-grip that is installed on top of the foam. Both of these enhance the grip-ability of the handle.


Heights are measured from the ground to the top of the handle (including the mallet head). Please let us know what mallet head this will be fitted to so we can size it accordingly.