HiTac Performance Grip
HiTac Performance Grip
HiTac Grips for croquet mallets

HiTac Performance Grip

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Get a grip with this inexpensive over-grip. A light grip on your mallet is critical to consistently accurate shooting. To ensure that light grip, this grip offers a non-aggressive 'tread' pattern. The alternating ribs increase your hold on the mallet without compromising accuracy. The rubber compound is specially formulated to create a 'grippier' feeling.

When ordered as a kit, they can be retro-fitted to any mallet with a standard circumference handle in about 5 minutes.

Available colors

  • Black
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Blue - Out of Stock
  • Red
  • Dark Green 
  • Bright Green
  • Lemon Yellow (not shown)
  • Orange
  • Purple

The installation kit includes a one-use polytube and illustrated instructions. See the Youtube video on this page for further installation help.

NOTE:  Some sun screen lotions can cause problems with the longevity of these rubber grips. We advise using gloves if you are regularly using sun screen.