Notice of Price increase

I'm writing to let our valued customers know that, as of April 1, 2022, prices on many of our products will be increased on an average of 5%. 

Why the increase?

For the past 2 years, COVID has disrupted everyone's lives. Where and when we eat, exercise, travel, and how much we pay for everything.

The raw materials we use in mallet-making has been impacted by shortages, transportation costs, and labour disruptions.

Oakley Woods Croquet has been on a journey of continuous improvements in processes and technologies to keep costs down, and we’re sorry to finally say, we can no longer avoid the inevitable.

Our commitment to you

For 30 years, croquet players have known Oakley Woods Croquet for quality products, exemplary customer service and continuous product innovations.

Our mallets will continue to be made by our skilled Canadian team with materials sourced throughout North America. We will not compromise those values. Thank you for your continued support through these challenging times.

We wanted to be fair to our wonderful and loyal customers, so they could choose to make any planned purchases now to avoid the cost increases, or choose to wait until after the price increase on March 1st. 

As always, we appreciate your custom for our small business. 

Don Oakley
Oakley Woods Croquet